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Janet's Creations
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Watercolor Heart Wall Hanging using a fusible grid material
I bought the tiny square to make this heart at a quilt show last year. 16 x 17 = a lot of little squares!  I finally got around to doing this project.  I was hoping to hang it in the spare room but the colors are not quite right, so it is on the wall in my sewing studio.
The original instructions said to lay out the wall quilt accordingly and then to sew each square one at a time together to form a row and then sew the rows together. I guess this is the part that was stopping me from doing this.  Now in July, my girlfriend, Clara and I went to the Long Beach International Quilt Show and one of the vendors was selling something similar to this but they were also selling a fusible grid so that once you had your quilt laid out to your own satisfactions you could then iron it all and then sew each row horizontally and then vertically. I must have stored this information in the back of my brain for suture reference.  So last month, when I was between projects I saw package for this little wall quilt, I re-read her instructions and then it came to me about the fusible grid material.  A google search found me the 2 inch square grid I was looking for.  I ordered it and it arrived quickly. I used a sharpie and marked out the heart outline on the grid and then proceeded to arrange the squares into a wall quilt, once I was satisfied with my work I pinned each of the squares to the grid and then I went and ironed the quilt to fuse it. 
I found while sewing the quilt that the fusible grid was rather flimsy and stretched.  The grid material also left a sticky film on my sewing machine bed, and I had t wash it off a couple of times before finishing.
Now that it is finished, I am pleased with it.  Would I do it again - hmmmmmmmmmm rather finicky for my liking and the pattern with fabric was far too expensive ($75.00)  Some lessons are harder to learn than others, but I still have the pattern and maybe another time I will try it again.

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  1. Love this heart shape wall hanging. It’s a bouquet of flowers that last forever. The colourful blooms just makes me smile. I can almost smell the fragrances. It’s a very romantic piece. Well done Janet. I can see why it was a bit confusing, but you’re a smart cookie and up for the challenge always.