Janet's Creations

Janet's Creations
Gemma's "I Spy" hexagon quilt

Monday, August 8, 2011

Recent things!

These are two totes that I made for my friend's birthdays.  They have matching tissue holders.  The totes are getting better as I go along,  and this month I am going to make a bow tuck purse for Jessica's wedding I think.

Dust covers

Above is a dust cover for a Featherweight sewing machine and a matching pin cushion and thread holder. This was made for my quilting friend June I loved the fabric - so much sew that I made a dust cover for my Featherweight too.

 Below is a dust cover for my Viking.  They tell me that we should cover them up each time we leave them.

This is Annie Merle my featherweight she was born in 1948

This is my latest edition to my sewing machines, she sews a super sweet straight stitch and purrs :)  I will be using her at classes and when I can take a machine when I travel.  I named her after my mum because she taught me to sew way back in 1966-67.

Nifty tool caddy

This a a tool caddy with attached pin cushion.  I love this fabric and
used it once again! 
The thread holder can attach
to the tool caddy but I didn't like it,  theysaid to use rice to weigh it down but it wasn't enough - I would use sand if I do it again, so I used velcro to secure it to the table.

St. Joseph's Thrift Store Finds :)

This watercolor picture that I call Ladybugs and Honey Bees sat at store for 2 months. I didn't want to pay $18.00 for it and pointed out that it had been there over a month so I got it for 1/2 price!  It looks like a quilt block to me and I wanted for my sewing cave - well Carnell calls it a cave I want to call it a studio :)

Quilt Rack

I found this at the thrift store also - I thought it was a steal for $12.00!
We go to the thrift store with our students at school as it is on the next block.  I find things that I think we need or books too.  I also found 6 great towels some from Restoration Hardware and the other equal quality!  2 bucks each and hardly used.