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Janet's Creations
Gemma's "I Spy" hexagon quilt

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What it really costs to make a quilt

I have had people ask me to quote them on me making them a quilt.  I have not had any taker when I have told them what I felt it would be.  I have also told some folks  "well, you buy all the materials and then I will charge you $250.00 to make it."  Still no takers.  That is alright with me also.  However, I found this on the quilting board that I belong to and thought I would add it to my blog.  So my family and friends, when I tell you that the quilt I have made for you is worth between
$ 600.00 to $1,000.00 I wasn't being funny :)

Fabric 12-16 yards @ $9per yd. $108 - $144
Batting $25 - $40
Thread $8 - $16
Spray Basting 1/2 can  $7
Total $ invested $148 - $207

Piecing 20 to 60 hours
“Setting” (designing your quilt) 10 to 20 hours
Quilting 100 to 750 hours
Total hours invested 130 to 810 hours

Paying $1 per hour (Would you do this type of work for $1 an hour?!)
Materials $148 - $207
Labor $130 - $810
Total $278 - $1078

Paying minimum wage $7.25 (by law in 6/2009)
Materials $141 - $200
Labor (130-810hrs) $942.50 - $5872.25
Total $1083.50 - $6072.25

Paying skilled labor wage $20 per hour (Don't you consider yourself trained and skilled in this craft?)
Materials $141 - $200
Labor (130-810hrs) $2600 - $16,200
Total $2741 - $16,400

(Found on the Internet 1995; unknown author)  This was from 1995 not 2012 :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Going way back ....

 The above quilt is made from the "Earth and Sky" pattern.  It was the first pattern that I ever used and was likely made in 2006.  While it was the first pattern it was the third quilt I ever made.
  I made this same pattern a total four times - I got better with each quilt. 
While staying with my youngest daughter Jessica and her husband Tim this month, 
I took a picture of it.  I SID and looking at it now - wow what interesting colors I chose :)
 The paisley fabric was the focal point from which I built the colours around it.
The gold colour was very hard to find and I remember I wasn't thrilled with it, however it
doesn't look too bad after all these years.  I was in Canada when I made this quilt,
 and thus only one really good fabric store in town to shop in.
 I made this smaller quilt in 2006 too.  Jessica liked clown fish and we had found these pillow panels at Walmart in Canada cheap so I worked them into a throw-sized quilt.
It certainly is bright and cherry - a pick me up for those rainy and dreary Pacific Northwest days!