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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What it really costs to make a quilt

I have had people ask me to quote them on me making them a quilt.  I have not had any taker when I have told them what I felt it would be.  I have also told some folks  "well, you buy all the materials and then I will charge you $250.00 to make it."  Still no takers.  That is alright with me also.  However, I found this on the quilting board that I belong to and thought I would add it to my blog.  So my family and friends, when I tell you that the quilt I have made for you is worth between
$ 600.00 to $1,000.00 I wasn't being funny :)

Fabric 12-16 yards @ $9per yd. $108 - $144
Batting $25 - $40
Thread $8 - $16
Spray Basting 1/2 can  $7
Total $ invested $148 - $207

Piecing 20 to 60 hours
“Setting” (designing your quilt) 10 to 20 hours
Quilting 100 to 750 hours
Total hours invested 130 to 810 hours

Paying $1 per hour (Would you do this type of work for $1 an hour?!)
Materials $148 - $207
Labor $130 - $810
Total $278 - $1078

Paying minimum wage $7.25 (by law in 6/2009)
Materials $141 - $200
Labor (130-810hrs) $942.50 - $5872.25
Total $1083.50 - $6072.25

Paying skilled labor wage $20 per hour (Don't you consider yourself trained and skilled in this craft?)
Materials $141 - $200
Labor (130-810hrs) $2600 - $16,200
Total $2741 - $16,400

(Found on the Internet 1995; unknown author)  This was from 1995 not 2012 :)


  1. Thank you Jessica, I have actually pieced your quilt and will be waiting for cooler weather to get on with the quilting of it :)

  2. YES, pricless is the answer as the LOVE , hope , dreams and sometimes TEARS!

  3. Thank you for posting this! I'll be using this as a reference (and probably putting it on my blog as well). I've tried to explain to people why a baby quilt really is $175-225 and the prices get exponentially higher as the quilts get bigger since the numbers of blocks jump so rapidly.


  4. Is that how much I've been spending? ouch! Don't tell the hubby. I will try to link with my blog also. Thanks for doing the analysis.

  5. This is awesome...so glad I came across it! I am seriously struggling with what to quote and charge customers for the quilts I make. I just had someone see my work online and ask me for a quote to make a quilt for her from across the states, and I am struggling with trying to figure out how to keep it reasonable enough for her, since she would be buying and shipping all the fabric to me, but yet still make a little bit on it too. I am always undercharging, so the end results with me not making any profit at all. I have been searching Google for help with this. I will copy your post to my blog as well. Thank you!