Janet's Creations

Janet's Creations
Gemma's "I Spy" hexagon quilt

Monday, June 27, 2011

Things I have been working on and finished!

I have been behind in my quilt of the month production. Too busy working on quilts for the family! However, I did  want to get the one for July finished prior to the 4th.  This was a simple quilt in patriotic colors and design - the pattern is called Enigma and it went together super fast, I free motioned quilt using a cranberry thread and also used the new fusible Hobbs 80/20 batting which was a dream to work with.

 This is a jelly roll quilt one again, the fabric is Moda and the line is called Fandango by Kate Spain.  It was a pleasure to sew with - though I need to have a lesson in squaring up my quilt blocks.  I used Connecting Thread's fabric for the backing it was on sale for $ 2.98 a yard.  I also made two pillowcases in coordinating fabric.  I give the gardener at the high school a ride home these days and I was invited to a graduation party for his eldest daughter, Lesley.  So what does one give for a high school graduation - a quilt!

 Another quick quilt for a baby boy named Michael.  This little fella was born on Carnell's birthday!  Rachel - a niece on his former wife side of the family had her third baby in 4 years - yikes better her than me.  This pattern was called Bits and Pieces and was made with fat quarters,  it is free motion quilted and has a blue with white polka dot back.  I hope they liked it.

Our quilting guild was given some tops that had  been pieced by incarcerated women.  The program had shut down due to lack of funding and there was over two hundred tops to be quilted.  I chose this green and blue one.  I used a medium blue thread to FMQ it and some fabric that had been given to me.  It came together nicely I thought.  Our guild will pass these along to a deserving charity.

Here is a Featherweight cozy with matching thread catcher that I made for my bff June in Vancouver.  I loved the fabric and have a matching cozy for my Featherweight here in soCal. I had a great time adapting a pattern I found on the Internet for the cozy and pictured below is the cozy I made for my Sapphire Husky.  I FMQ the fabric to give it more stability.

My Huskie's cozy!

This is a purse that I made for my sister Barbara when she her on vacation in May.  I made the same purse for me when I went to Virginia in April.  Not a hard pattern at all!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some past quilts

This is a Square Upon a Square
from my quilt of the month collection  - this is March and is still up!

Another quilt from the quilt of the month collection
this is a Beacon Lights pattern - I call it Northern Lights due to the colours

 I made this for my SIL - Jinny in Virginia
it is from a jelly roll and my stash and is a version of the
Court House Steps

 This is a Magic Square Block quilt with sashing
The stripes vary from 1 to 3 inches in width and came from
my scraps and some fabric samples picked up on a quilting bus trip, then I
used a 12.5 inch square to make them all the same size.
This quilt was for our special needs niece in Virginia
Jerica who is aging out of school. I made two matching pillowcases
in bright yellow with neon blue and pink trim.

 I found this "Mosaic" pattern of the internet. I don't know if
I missed something but I had to make some alteration to
the pattern to make it work.  You can't see it in the photo
but I know it is there - it was made with mostly Kaufman fabric.

This is a work in progress called Grandmother Flower Garden.
It is English paper piecing.  It was great to travel with and I made a lot of the hexies while my beloved husband Carnell had three trips to the hospital.  I am so sick of it!
I am zigzagging them together and then I will figure out how
to finish it off.