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Janet's Creations
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Monday, June 10, 2013

Bad Day at Black Rock for me and my sewing machines :( Or at least that is what my Mum said when things went wrong!

Sunday was a bad day for me and my sewing machines!

I have been working really hard at finishing up the piecing of a wedding present!  All of a sudden my Sapphire 830 started to stitch with micro stitches and clunking.  I gave it a shot of WD40 (I feel this was a bad move) on two hinges under the stitch plate but nothing happened.  Tanners called and it will be around $200.00 to get it fixed - ugh! 

So next, I got out my Elna 3210 which I must say has the loveliest stitch.  I am sewing along quite happily and I turn the work over and ever so often there is a loop.  The loop is about the size of the loop at the end of a dental floss threader.  Bizarre, I have never seen something like that.

*** Update on my Elna - it was the nasty Coasts thread causing the problem. I have Aurfil thread in it now and we are "cooking with gas" once again. I must say this machine has the nicest stitch I have ever see.

So now I am down two machines - this is why we have spare sewing machines right?

So out comes Annie Merle, my featherweight.  I start sewing on it and her tension is off also.  I play with it for awhile and then put her back on the shelf.

Now, I am down to my last machine a Brother, hmm will the boy come through for me!

Yes, this machine is working just fine - OMG finally.

Once again I am thinking about the Juki 2000 or 2010.  Everyone says what a fantastic machine it truly is.  However, going into the summer months I am hesitant to spend money.  Perhaps, if I piece on my Elna and then once the Husky is back I can just do FMQ on it while I ponder buying another sewing machine.  What should a girl do?