Janet's Creations

Janet's Creations
Gemma's "I Spy" hexagon quilt

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Amish Batiks Gone Wild

This was a block of the month from a local quilt shop. While I was very unhappy with how the BOM was run and the additional costs for fabric to complete the borders and the center block - I am delighted with the results. The colours appear muted in the picture but truly they are bold and beautiful against the Kona black background. I discovered a oopsie after quilting it and did not have the heart to rip it all apart. lessons learned all around with this one.

The Loyal Union Sampler from Elm Creek Quilts

I went to an estate sale and bought what I thought was a block of the month set of civil war fabric and patterns.  When I got home it was missing four months of patterns and fabric.  So I decided to make a sampler instead I chose the Loyal Union Sampler from Elm Creek Quilts.  It was certainly a challenge for me.  I had never done a Y seam or blocks that had 40 some pieces and only 6.5 inches! Four months later I had completed the quilt.  It has a wool batting and and a backing that actually matches some fabric in the quilt ( it was in the package from the estate sale). I paper pieced the flying geese border.I presented it to my nephew Richard who has also recently started his teaching career in Wisconsin.  I am very proud of this quilt and am happy that he will be able to love it and cherish it for a life time!

Scrappies on parade

Last summer I tried to get a grip on my scraps and made a few quilts  - here they are!

This is a string quilt made using the Magic Square technique.

This is a random modern log cabin.  I use it as a table topper in the living room

This a a Bonnie Hunter's Trip Around the World using scraps

Another string quilt.

This was from a modern scarp book that my daughter, Jessica gave me. You take any sizw white scrap and using one colour family build around the white piece.  I call it the White Spot.

Another string quilt - they are never ending.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The never ending battle of the scrap bins.

I really try to stay ahead of my scraps and make them into quilts, however, this summer I was lucky enough to get my long arm machine and discovered a horde of more scraps. To start off the new year I vowed to make scrappy quilts from all of my scraps - six week later and with only one tote of scraps left I called it quits for awhile.  I ended up with around 17 quilts none larger than an ample lap quilt.

Here are two that a co-worker commissioned for her twin nieces. They loved the quilt - it is a variation on the court house steps. I took orphan squares(blocks) and started each square with them. Then I added on to each side. No specific colours just oh so random. The recipients were delighted.

I am so behind - I can't help it I just keep making quilts!

My sincere apologies to anyone who has been to my blog.  I have been so busy making quilts that I have not been keeping up with my blog.

To start things off with here are two quilts.

This is a past student, Gabe who now is in an adult program. The quilt was called Yukon Pass and White Station.  Perfect for a fella that loves trains.
Madi also moved on to an adult program and I did a super fast jelly roll race in batik purples.

It is hard to see such special students move out of the school system and on to adulthood.