Janet's Creations

Janet's Creations
Gemma's "I Spy" hexagon quilt

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another note about Color Catchers

I was reading the Quilt Board this morning http://www.quiltingboard.com about the Color Catcher sheets being sucked in to the drain water in front loading washers.  Judy there suggested using a pin to attach the sheet to the quilt, the sheet still catches the loose dyes and there is no chance of it going down the drain.  I personally have not had this problem in my top loading machine.

So for added safety in your washer instead of "rock, paper, scissors"


"pin, sheet, washer"

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Disappearing 9 Patch

A Disappearing 9-Patch
using  batiks with sashing and corner stones
FMQ completed with Connecting Threads poly cone
Connecting Threads Backing also
Becci and Jon's Wedding Present

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Why do I wash my quilts before giving them away you might ask.

Why Wash Your Quilts Before Giving Them Away You Ask
Well, I do not know about you but I am none to gentle with my quilts while making them.
* I do not pre-wash fabric - the sizing helps me to cut and measure accurately
 ( indeed - I need all the help I can get in this area.)
** I use the floor as my design board - while I do keep a clean house,
 and contrary to urban legend I do not wash my floors daily.
*** I use spray basting to sandwich my quilts, and I want the temporary adhesive washed away.
See below for information on spray basting.
**** While I am sure all quilters wash their hands frequently while piecing and quilting,
our hands still have natural oils on them and oil attracts dirt.
***** I love wrinkled look that my quilts have when washed.  The batting I primarily use are 100 % cotton or 80/20 to achieve that vintage look.
******  After washing, I can look for loose threads and make any seam corrections
as some may have come apart. Much better to catch the minor details before mailing the quilt away :)
*******  To wash away the smell of the material and the sizing that they use. 
A freshly laundered quilt smells wonderful.
******** To make sure the colors do not bleed into one another.  I like to strip quilt and you cannot was a jelly roll prior to use.  I use Color Catchers or Carbona Dye Grabbers.  You can read about them below also.
********* I use my regular GAIN or TIDE for adult quilts and TIDE with no scent or a baby detergent for baby quilts.

The jumbo washers at the laundry mat are not expensive,
 here in our area of Los Angeles County they are $ 2.50. I use my regular GAIN detergent and put 1 scoop in each soap section and use a capful of liquid fabric softener mixed with some water in that section. I do not use the dryers there as I feel they are too hot.

This is the can readily available here in the USA. I checked the prices on Amazon as I love the ability to get free shipping.  An 11.7 ounce can is $22.99 and the 8.4 ounce can is 17.99.  My Joann's never seems to have this can to use with a 40% or 50% coupon.  I do not like June Taylor or Dritz temporary spray adhesives!  

I only buy 505 in the red can and is 500 ml (aka 16 ounces) - it is made in France, but has all the same properties as 505 with the blue lid. I get mine from http://www.sewforless.com/item/505_Temporary_Adhesive_Spray_Large_17_oz_Can/7391/c109
and buy it by the case and it works out to around $14.66 a can including the shipping.  I split a case with my g/f Clara last time.  One can goes a long way about 3 queen size quilts.  It takes me just under an hour to do a big quilt. 

I have used both of these products for washing my quilts, well actually three,
 because Carbona also makes a reusable terry cloth-like product that I have used too. 
These are heaven sent for anyone who does not pre-wash fabric.  Just throw them in when you wash and your colors will not run together.  The darker the color the more sheets you need.  I used three on the red, white and black quilt.  I have found the Shout Color Catchers in any big name grocery store and the Carbona products I found at Big Lots.  If I knew then what I know now,
 I would have bought all they had at $2.00 a box.

So now you have the low down on why I personally wash all my quilts before giving them away.

A Scrappy Magic Square for Terry

Our son Terry, has a beautiful home in Virginia and one of those
really big leather sectionals
 that men love!
Now in these days of high heating bills, nearly everyone cuts back the thermostat to save a few dollars here and there, I made this "king" size throw for Terry to use. 

I call this a manly scrappy quilt - I divided my scraps into three piles one weekend
This quilt was made from the men's pile!


 Somehow the back did this when I washed the quilt!  Maybe something to do with my HE washer or a flaw in the material.  Anyways Terry said, " God made it special for him"  I liked that comment.  However, from now on I am taking all my larger quilts to the laundry mat to use the jumbo washers to wash my quilts.

A wedding quilt for Amanda and Kenneth Grant

My very best friend's daughter got married last October - they  had a very small intimate ceremony.  It is my own thought, but even when a couple decides to just avoid all the fuss and expense of a large wedding -  they should still have beautiful wedding presents! 
Here is my gift to them - A Tumbling Block Quilt with 2 coordinating pillowcases.  I ran out of material to make more that 2 pillowcases.  If I can find some more material I will make another 2.

 It is an oversized Queen - it is on our California King bed for the photo.
 I am really please with how the three colors created the tumbling blocks from
any direction that you look at it.

My girlfriend retired yesterday from the county after 38 years!

I made this quilt for my g/f Barbara Jones, she request the colors red, black and white. The pattern is called The Magic Carpet Ride and I used jelly rolls and yardage. I FMQ it with a variegated thread in those colors also. I made 4 coordinating pillowcases and used left over material to make a ribbon bow and used one of the pillowcases to wrap it all up!

It is almost King Size - Perhaps an extra long Queen

 I really like the backing - it was on clearance for $ 2.49 a yard and 2 of the pillowcases are in the same material with black trim the other 2 are like the "wrapping paper"

 Here you can really see the variegated thread.  I love using variegated thread - I personally believe it makes the quilt "pop"
The pillowcase easily held the other three pillowcases and the long scrap of material created the ribbon bow.  I folded over the short ends of the fabric and ran a seam and then put the wrong sides together length wise and ran a straight seam - nothing fancy but totally effective!