Janet's Creations

Janet's Creations
Gemma's "I Spy" hexagon quilt

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Another Scrappy Burgoyne Surrounded

While I was in Canada, I worked with an amazing Kinder teacher
by the name of Gail Hegquist.  I think I was in her class for
 7 of the 17 years I spent as a School and Support Worker.
Her daughter, Alana met a wonderful man from the Netherlands last year,
 and they had a small wedding ceremony in the early Spring.
This summer when I was making my teacher friend, Heather's wedding quilt;
I knew I would have enough materials to make another
Burgoyne Surround quilt for this couple also.
I added a blue border for Christiaan's heritage and I
was so pleased with how it turned out.
I hope the newly married couple will spend many happy nights
under the quilt.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Drunkard's Path for Rachael or purplicious Good Fortune by Moda

I have been commissioned to make a couple of quilts this year!
One of the said quilts will require a ton of template work to make
 Drunkard's Paths.  My youngest daughter's best friend Rach - just purchased her own condo and Jessica said her Laura Ashley comforter needed to go. 
This offered me the perfect occasion to make a practice quilt using the new templates.
The quilt has lots of purple as that is the recipients fav color.  I am sorry
that I didn't get a picture once it was completed and the phone pics the girls sent
were not too clear, but her is the topper completed.
I added a very modern backing in geometric shapes with purples,
gold and pink so it is actually reversible now :)

I also added a couple of pillowcases to coordinate and Rach absolutely loved
her new quilt and was said to be rolling all over it like a cat!

Gemma's Bug Quilt

A few years ago, before my youngest granddaughter
Gemma was born I made quilts for Kaitlyn and McKenna
using a bug jelly roll I had picked up at Tuesday Mornings.
Along came Gemma and I just knew I had to make her a bug quilt too with the same material - hmmm I couldn't find that jelly roll anywhere on the Internet.
So I went to the Quilting Board and asked the members there, if
anyone had this jelly roll in their stash.
Yippee a lady from Virginia answered my plead and we agreed to swap out fabrics
She was working on a charm quilt in green and asked that I send her
2.5 inch WOF green strips in exchange for the bug jelly roll.
It was a perfect answer to my quest for the bug jelly roll, I was surprised
at just how many greens I had in my stash and was able to send her 
44 different green strips and I added some other
unusual greens that were not exactly WOF.
I was so happy to be able to give my name sake - Gemma Elizabeth
a quilt with bugs along the same lines as her sisters.
Gemma's quilt was made from a sale pattern called Square Root 
from Connecting Threads and has applique on it.  I swear
the applique took as much time as the whole quilt did.
I am not a fan of applique that is for sure.

This is about as close to modern quilting as I get for now :)