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Janet's Creations
Gemma's "I Spy" hexagon quilt

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thanks to Deb in NZ for having this :) My 2013 List

I am not sure if by making the list it kept me
on track last year, or just that I was more organized; either way it does help to stay motivated!
Things to do in 2013

Continue to work on my Stained Glass paper piecing quilt.
Don't Call Me Betsy - Lucky Star Paper Piecing I bought my quilting g/f in Canada the same BOM so that we could be together but apart. I finished January's 12.5 and 6 inch blocks, however I am still cutting off the tips some how :(
My best friend as work Salomon is getting married in May.
I will be making them a quilt. I already have the fabric from Connecting Threads, and he actually chose the pattern
out of a quilting book I picked up on a classroom outing
to the non-defunct local thrift store.  Completed and delivered :)
Angel one of the nieces here in LA and Lamar are also to be married this year in September. Years ago, I had made a
quilt for her daughter, Skiye (yes I did spell that right) to match the one I made for our granddaughter Isyss, but had not made one of Angel. Weddings are the perfect time to give a couple a family heirloom. I have not decided on a pattern yet, but I am leaning towards Eleanor Burns french braid.
Carnell's stepson, Sedric also announced at Christmas time
that he also was going to tie the knot once again.
They are planning to get married in Las Vegas in August - oh you know it is going to be a hot one! I just gave Sedric a
Turning Thirty - male orientated quilt at Christmas,
but that will not stop me from making them a nice quilt to
celebrate the beginning of their married life together.  Wedding postponed.
I recently learned that another high school g/f is retiring this year and I was making a BOM - Down on the Farm Quilt for her so that was fortuitous for me. After making a quilt for another high school g/f that lost everything in Hurricane Sandy I decided to make something for my other high school chums. COMPLETED READY TO MAIL.
I recently purchased some gorgeous Blue Hill Fabric from a fellow
Quilting Board member and I am going to make Sally my bestie from h/s a "Something Blue" quilt. This will be a total surprise and that is just the way I want it.
Our great nephew in Virginia should be going into a big boy bed very soon and I will make him a twin size quilt
with a sporting theme this year. No rush on this one,
just something on the back burner. Update Le Ari is not sleeping in a big boy bed, but will be sharing the Washington Redskins quilt with his Aunt Wanda so no rush on this one :)
Our niece, Wanda called a few weeks back requesting a
Washington Red Skins quilt for her
queen size bed. Now, Wanda already has a quilt from us
but I don't know if she will ever marry or have children
so I told her I would make her another one. I chose the Garden Maze quilt pattern to accent the Redskin's fabric with a black trim
Where there is white above I am using black. The blocks are 18 inches so I am almost done. I had to order more sold black fabric from Connecting Threads. Wanda also request curtains, but I said no to that, but I will do some pillow cases in wine with Redskins and black accents. - COMPLETED AND MAILED!

I am hoping to start on the OBW or Stack and Whack for
our bedroom - I have the fabric bought from Beverly's, but
other things always take priority.

I would also like to make a quilt for our seldom seen
granddaughter, Carshae in Virginia. She will have turned 6 in
November. I know I can send it to the niece's in Virginia
and they will see that she gets it.

Baby quilts are always needed, a boy is due in June and a girl
was born in December. The quilt I made for the couple that had a girl would be better suited for a boy so I will
save that one and make a girlie quilt for Little Miss Ava Jurica.
I am sure there will be more babies on the way soon! Our son, Carvell who is in the NAVY has let it be known that his g/f is expecting twins - so two more quilts there also. Update Ava's quilt is done and on its way to Canada.

I bought a Lighthouse quilt kit from Connecting Threads Black Friday Sale and I think that quilt is destined for a little fella named Jordin. He is the son of one of my stepson's friends and Jordin's grandmother asked me once in passing if I would ever give
Jordin a quilt, this might be the year.

So there are 16 quilts in this list already. I want to make a
couple of circular Christmas tree skirts and still the circular tablecloth. A quilted tablecloth for us.
The Twister Christmas Wreath is always a great gift for the holidays and I am still missing a few months for my fireplace quilts. I will not be idle again this year!

And I almost forgot about cousin Gayle's Jinny Beyer
quilt that used one of Jinny's borders. I am a bit
apprehensive about starting this - it is rated an intermediate
quilt and I am not sure I am at that level yet.
The quilt is mainly green with a bit of cranberry
and black. I have all the fabric finally.
This will be a stretch for me and we must
step out of our comfort zone from time
to time!  Completed and delivered!

Make a list and see how far your sewing adventures will take you this year.
You might be surprised at how far you get!