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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

An unsolicitated and unaffiliated opinion of many different quilt battings

Warm and Natural - great to work with a bit heavy for larger projects but it is easy to FMQ. It never disappoints.  I have bought it at Joanns and also on Overstock always with a coupon or free shipping.
Hobbs 80/20 fusible batting - I ordered a bolt of this from Batt-Mart, but I didn't know that it was fusible - dumb mistake eh!  So I wasn't able to iron fuse it for these quilts.  However, I did spray baste it and I loved how light it was when FMQ, and how it looked when washed. I will definitely use the regular 80/20 in the future.  I did some small baby quilts, wall hangings and tote/purses with the fusible batting and it is outstanding for smaller things (a large twin size and under)
Bamboo/Cotton batting -  I tired this batting in the 50/50 queen size.  It was light weight and easy to FMQ however I didn't truly like how it looked after washing.  I like the traditional crinkly look and this was used on the Disappearing 9 Patch and wasn't as crinkly as I like.
Quilter Dream Green Batting  - is made from recycled green soda bottles.  It has a greenish tinge to it, so watch for using it under white fabrics.  It was fine for FMQ and quite soft.  Polar fleece is made from the same material and it super soft.  I may use it again it doesn't get the crinkly look I love.
Pellon "Nature's Touch" quilt batting -  this is reported to be made in the USA - so for those who prefer American products this might be for you.  I found this batting to be a bit on the thin side but there was nothing to complain about, FMQ easily.
Fairfield Cotton Quilt Batting from Walmart -   In my quest for acceptable batting I even tried Walmart's. There was nothing special about this batting.  It was lightweight, easy to FMQ and a totally inexpensive buy for around $18.00 for a king size batting that I used on a super queen size quilt.
Hobbs Thermore Quilt Batting - I hated this batting! For some reason it and I were incompatible!  I ended up using 8 sewing machine needles trying to FMQ a regular queen size quilt and I will never use it again.  Here is the description from the Connecting Threads website "The hollow fibers of this 100% polyester (siliconized) batting act as better insulators. A special patented process eliminates fiber migration in Hobb’s Themore® batting. It can be quilted up to 6-8" apart. Use this ultra low loft batting to hand or machine quilt clothing and quilts. Available in queen size (90" x 108"). 0% shrinkage. "
Pellon's Legacy - I bought one of these at the Road to California quilt show to try.  It was King size and a great price.  It was very nice to quilt with.  I would buy it again on sale, is there any other way to buy battings but on sale! 
Morning Glory low loft polyester from Walmart - I did a bunch of charity quilts right after Christmas 2012.  I didn't want to use my beloved 80/20 or 100% cotton batts, so I picked this type and brand up at Walmart.  I used Elmer's Washable School Glue to sandwich them and it worked okay for sandwiching and FMQ fine, but I would not use this on a quilt that I was making as a gift.

These reviews are based on my experiences only!  Perhaps your adventures would be different.  The quilts involved with these batting were sewn on a domestic machine - Viking Sapphire 830, using Essential Pro poly thread from Connecting Threads http://www.connectingthreads.com/threads/quilting_threads.html or Gutterman cotton thread. My machine prefers the poly thread and I use the same thread in the bobbin when using poly and either So Fine or similar light weight thread  when using a thicker thread to FMQ.

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