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Janet's Creations
Gemma's "I Spy" hexagon quilt

Friday, April 11, 2014

Recent Quilts Completed - Spring Fling, Disappearing Four Patch with a Twist, Variation on a Yellow Brick Road, and a classical 16 Patch with muslin background.

 I am calling this quilt Spring Fling - it is from my latest issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.  I subscribe to only one magazine and in order for me to justify the cost - I do make at least one project from each edition.  
I am still working on making a quilt for each month of the year to hang over my fireplace -  this is for the month of April or around Easter time. Some of the fabrics have Easter motifs and others and just spring tones.
I am going to stop putting sleeves on the wall quilts I make.  I bought clip on fancier café style curtain hooks and hung this quilt using them and I liked the look and so much easier :)

The white on white background for this quilt was an online purchase from a seller at The Quilting Board.  It was advertised as white on white but when it arrived it was all about the great state of Texas - steer skulls, cowboy stuff, lassos, branding irons, etc.  Not what I expected but all cut up it worked out fine. This quilt has a polyester batting as there is so much with background and I didn't have a white cotton batting.

This pattern is called a Disappearing Four Patch with a Twist.  I had picked up this fabric online for $1.00 a yard. The lavender and sunflowers was in strips and a border style fabric and the green was a solid also for $1.00 a yard.
Here is the link for the pattern http://round22.blogspot.com/2012/07/disappearing-4-patch-with-twist.html  - it doesn't come up as a hyperlink but you can find it this way.  Her example is much nicer than mine.

This too, will hang over the fireplace for the month of June or become a baby girl quilt for a present. I will likely do this again with fabrics that had more definition but for $ 4.00 the quilt is not so bad.
I pieced together some cotton batting to make this quilt and I just zig zag the edges together, no fancy tape for me.
I have always wanted to do a Yellow Brick Road - but with no yellow :)  This quilt is for my step-daughter here in California who is likely moving to Atlanta with her beau in the summer.  I wanted them to have something special to start there new life together.  What could be better than a new super Queen size quilt.  I messed up cutting the fat quarters, but I am very pleased with how it turned out.  No one but me would truly ever find the oopsie.

Lastly, is the 16 patch with muslin background.  I made this for my g/f Clara.  She gave me a jelly roll and I found this pattern in a book by Pam and Nicky Lintott from across the pond. It is a variation on an antique quilt.
 click here to view larger image of Antique to Heirloom Jelly Roll Quilts (BOOKS)

Clara will give this as her charity quilt for the guild later on this year.  I love the look of muslin in quilts!  I buy it by the bolt at Joann's with a 50% off coupon, nothing too expensive and it seems to work just fine in quilts.


  1. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the dryer sheet suggestion on gunky irons you posted on Quilting Board. I am labeling quilts for Oso and spearheading getting quilts to those in need when the request comes in. My iron was so bad and like magic, the dryer sheets worked!

  2. I am so glad that the dryer sheets worked so well for you. Those little sheets have so many uses. Another favourite of mine is to throw a couple into a cooked on casserole dish full of water and soak it overnight! In the morning all the baked on stuff almost rinses away.

  3. Dear Janet, I just spent 2 hours reading your whole blog and really enjoyed it so much. I've always sewn my own clothes, doll clothes and mini quilts but now I'm making my first biggies for family for Christmas. Honestly, don't know how you do it but I take my hat off to ya.I'm inspired. Am teaching myself fmq and I'm bad and awful at it, but I did a wee wall hanging and it looks okay. I am hand quilting one quilt for my son in law and by gosh, I'm gonna fmq the rest. Love hearing about your bargain fabric finds, you sound just like me. Thanks for your blog. Meg in Massachusetts

  4. Ah, thank you Meg for the compliments. Good luck on your family's quilts for the holidays. Take heart that we are all still learning at our own pace, and before long everything will become easier and easier. I have never tried hand quilting, I think I am too impatient to get to my next project. Thanks for stopping bye my blog.


  5. I have to say that Prairie Jewel is my favorite. But they ate ALLIN redouble works of art, Schwank. Love, Dawn