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Janet's Creations
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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Why do I wash my quilts before giving them away you might ask.

Why Wash Your Quilts Before Giving Them Away You Ask
Well, I do not know about you but I am none to gentle with my quilts while making them.
* I do not pre-wash fabric - the sizing helps me to cut and measure accurately
 ( indeed - I need all the help I can get in this area.)
** I use the floor as my design board - while I do keep a clean house,
 and contrary to urban legend I do not wash my floors daily.
*** I use spray basting to sandwich my quilts, and I want the temporary adhesive washed away.
See below for information on spray basting.
**** While I am sure all quilters wash their hands frequently while piecing and quilting,
our hands still have natural oils on them and oil attracts dirt.
***** I love wrinkled look that my quilts have when washed.  The batting I primarily use are 100 % cotton or 80/20 to achieve that vintage look.
******  After washing, I can look for loose threads and make any seam corrections
as some may have come apart. Much better to catch the minor details before mailing the quilt away :)
*******  To wash away the smell of the material and the sizing that they use. 
A freshly laundered quilt smells wonderful.
******** To make sure the colors do not bleed into one another.  I like to strip quilt and you cannot was a jelly roll prior to use.  I use Color Catchers or Carbona Dye Grabbers.  You can read about them below also.
********* I use my regular GAIN or TIDE for adult quilts and TIDE with no scent or a baby detergent for baby quilts.

The jumbo washers at the laundry mat are not expensive,
 here in our area of Los Angeles County they are $ 2.50. I use my regular GAIN detergent and put 1 scoop in each soap section and use a capful of liquid fabric softener mixed with some water in that section. I do not use the dryers there as I feel they are too hot.

This is the can readily available here in the USA. I checked the prices on Amazon as I love the ability to get free shipping.  An 11.7 ounce can is $22.99 and the 8.4 ounce can is 17.99.  My Joann's never seems to have this can to use with a 40% or 50% coupon.  I do not like June Taylor or Dritz temporary spray adhesives!  

I only buy 505 in the red can and is 500 ml (aka 16 ounces) - it is made in France, but has all the same properties as 505 with the blue lid. I get mine from http://www.sewforless.com/item/505_Temporary_Adhesive_Spray_Large_17_oz_Can/7391/c109
and buy it by the case and it works out to around $14.66 a can including the shipping.  I split a case with my g/f Clara last time.  One can goes a long way about 3 queen size quilts.  It takes me just under an hour to do a big quilt. 

I have used both of these products for washing my quilts, well actually three,
 because Carbona also makes a reusable terry cloth-like product that I have used too. 
These are heaven sent for anyone who does not pre-wash fabric.  Just throw them in when you wash and your colors will not run together.  The darker the color the more sheets you need.  I used three on the red, white and black quilt.  I have found the Shout Color Catchers in any big name grocery store and the Carbona products I found at Big Lots.  If I knew then what I know now,
 I would have bought all they had at $2.00 a box.

So now you have the low down on why I personally wash all my quilts before giving them away.

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