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Janet's Creations
Gemma's "I Spy" hexagon quilt

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Going way back ....

 The above quilt is made from the "Earth and Sky" pattern.  It was the first pattern that I ever used and was likely made in 2006.  While it was the first pattern it was the third quilt I ever made.
  I made this same pattern a total four times - I got better with each quilt. 
While staying with my youngest daughter Jessica and her husband Tim this month, 
I took a picture of it.  I SID and looking at it now - wow what interesting colors I chose :)
 The paisley fabric was the focal point from which I built the colours around it.
The gold colour was very hard to find and I remember I wasn't thrilled with it, however it
doesn't look too bad after all these years.  I was in Canada when I made this quilt,
 and thus only one really good fabric store in town to shop in.
 I made this smaller quilt in 2006 too.  Jessica liked clown fish and we had found these pillow panels at Walmart in Canada cheap so I worked them into a throw-sized quilt.
It certainly is bright and cherry - a pick me up for those rainy and dreary Pacific Northwest days!

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  1. I was wondering when you took those pictures when the page started to load. Yes, it is a unique color scheme you chose :)