Janet's Creations

Janet's Creations
Gemma's "I Spy" hexagon quilt

Monday, July 30, 2012

My sewing studio is constantly evolving

 This is the view from the door leading down the two stairs into my studio.  As this was once a garage a long time ago there is only the one window.  I have lamps scattered throughout my space,
but I cherish the daytime hours when I do not really need them. 
I look out on to the street, so it isn't very exciting.
 For our anniversary, Carnell bought me a ping pong table.  This is wonderful as I am hoping to use it for not only a cutting and pressing station but also to sandwich my quilts. 
This means I will not have to crawl around or constantly get up and down off the floor when I am spray basting!  Thanks Carnell - you are the best!  I am looking forward to trying the huge Horn cutting mat that came with my sewing table now.
 There isn't a lot of floor space now, but enough to use as a design floor.  That is a scrappy foundation pieced quilt from a magazine.  One of the shelves houses the games and
 puzzles for our granddaughter that lives near us.
 I am quite the thrifty person - can you see the green shelf behind the fan?  I found that in the alley behind our school one morning.  It folds up flat and is made of laminated
wood a perfect addition to my sewing studio.
The multi-colored box was given to me by a co-worker - it's original purpose was a cd holder
 with slots but no shelves.  I put a couple of cd's in there and
now I can store some thread in a dust free space.

 The cardboard box in the middle of the table is full of scraps.

 A gel mat on the floor cuts down on fatigue especially if you have planter's fasciitis!

My rug is from St Joseph's thrift store and keeps my chair from sliding
away on the laminate flooring.

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