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Janet's Creations
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oh, the joys of a ping pong table!

Carnell got me a ping pong table for our anniversary - do we play ping pong heck no but I sure am going to put it to good use or spray basting my quilts.  I am getting too old to get down on the floor to tape and spray and smooth my quilts.  I rarely do anything smaller that a queen size quilt and it is just to hard on my aging body.
In this picture you can see the backing is clamped down to the table and I have laid my batting down. I have it taped the backing to the table on the far end to keep it taunt.  The is enough room to walk around the quilt on 3 sides.

Now you can see that I have added the quilt top and have it laid back, I have already spray basted the batting to the back and now working on the top to the batting.  This quilt is queen size , so I will have to unclasp, move the quilt over and then clamp it again to finish the spray basting.
Can you see how nice and flat things are turning out?
I was able to spray baste 5 quilts in one afternoon using my ping pong table!  I have Planter's Facsits in both feet and this new table has been heaven sent.  Thanks Carnell, you are an amazing husband!
Another nice feature of the table is bonus storage space underneath !

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