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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

So you want me to make you a quilt ......

Lately so many folks have been asking me what I would charge to make them a quilt.  Now, I certainly have enough ideas and people to make quilts for already, but I wouldn't be opposed to making a little stash building monies.
Having said that, no one has taken me up on my services and I am not heartbroken about this at all.  All of you that are quilters know how many hours go into the making of a quilt; from the initial concept to fabric and pattern selection, to preparing the fabric, cutting the pieces (a zillion sometimes), piecing the pieces, preparing the backing, choosing the proper batting, sandwiching the quilt hmm shall I use 505 spray adhesive, Elmer's glue method, home-made spray basting, pinning or thread basting (OMG never again!), fusible iron batting, and lastly thread selection for the quilting and the hours that even just a simple meandering takes.  We all know that a baby quilt takes less time than a king-size with a nice drop, but the process is the same for all quilts.
I have sold a few quilts in the past few years and recouped my expenses for material - nothing for the labour.  I knew both of the ladies that I sold to and was fine with that at that point in my life.  Now I want to be compensated for it all and here is what I have been and will be telling folks.
  • We can get together and chose a pattern you can chose from mine for free!
  • We will go to the big fabric warehouse and you can select the fabrics to make your quilt: that would include the piecing, backing, thread, and batting and if you want 2 pillowcases to coordinated we will need at least 2 yards of your fabric. 
  • If there are any specialized notions for the specific quilt you have chosen - such as Triangles on a Roll you will need to supply them or provide monies so I can procure the notion. 
  • If there are special rulers I will get those as I can use them again.
  • You will be paying for all of the supplies at that time.
  • You can anticipate spending anywhere from $65.00 for a baby quilt to $250.00 +++ for a king size quilt
Now to make your quilt it will be as follows:

Baby/Crib = $75.00
Twin = $150.00
Double/Full = $200.00
Queen = $250.00
Super Queen = $300.00
California King = $375.00
Eastern King = $425.00
2 pillow cases = $30.00
4 pillowcases = $50.00
Euro Pillow Shams = Same as above

If the quilt you chose is a paper pieced project you can double my costs, and if it involves applique we will not have gotten even to the store :)

This is for enquiring minds :)


  1. I'll be saving this information for future pricing. The best, shortest answer I have found to answer this question by far! I'm in the process of my first commission, which will all be scraps, but even at that, I had to pay for the fabric at some point. I was only $10 off your suggested price.
    Thanks again,

    1. Good Morning Debi,

      I am so glad that you found my break down helpful! I have been commissioned for 2 quilts for a teacher friend but she still needs to go and pick out the fabric - that is fine with me because I always have other projects on the go or in my mind :) Happy sewing adventures to you!

  2. Love this breakdown! Found you on FB as a feature on Quilting. Now following! Lovely quilts and nice tutes.

  3. Wow, you found me through Facebook how interesting! Thanks for the compliments and the best of luck in your future and present projects!