Janet's Creations

Janet's Creations
Gemma's "I Spy" hexagon quilt

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What I did this Sunday :)

I have always liked to sew.  I sewed clothes as a teen and a young mum for my dotters - Diana and Jessica.  I encouraged them to learn to sew also! When I discovered quilting, I found a way to express my artistic ways in a meaningful manner. I am not sure how many quilts I have made and given away since 2005.
I picked up a magazine at Vons on Thursday as it had a pattern I wanted to do for a quilt that Jessica asked me to make for friends of hers that had a baby boy.Unbeknown to me the magazine has a plethora of quilting ideas. The magazine is called Simple Quilts and Sewing, I made the topper for baby Erik's quilt and will post a pic once it is completed, but I found a cute pattern for thread holders. I usually just tape a luncheon or grocery store bag to the edge of the table for scraps and threads but my quilting friend Clara had mentioned at the last quilting guild meeting that she would like to get one of those.
So today, being a pajama day I made two of them!

I tried to stage them nicely on my "big" ironing board. Clara is going to pick up the sand tomorrow and then I will fill a muslin bag and put it in the rectangle at the top of the straps.  Carnell (my beloved husband that is very encouraging of my sewing addiction) thought they were Easter baskets :)
Clara's is purple and mine is green.
The two bags were made from 3 fat quarters, 2/3 yard muslin and an 18 inch square of left over batting. I free motion quilted the body and then sewed them up. I likely won't
have to look at the instructions much again except for the cutting part.


  1. Those are pretty darn spiffy :) I really like the green shade you picked out!