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Janet's Creations
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our guilds mystery quilt!

Starting in January of this year our guild embarked on a mystery quilt.  Over the course of three months we were given sheets of instruction but no visuals and asked to produce a quilt using three fabrics a dark, medium and light value.  Now I am all in for a good mystery but I had looked at all the cutting involved and decided that I would not start this quilt until I saw a finished project.  I am an extremely visual learner.  The first set of colours that I had chosen were a white on white, fuchsia and raspberry not bad I thought , but I still didn't jump at it.  When the quilt was revealed at the March meeting she had used a cream, aqua, and a darker paisley aqua - now I knew the colours that I had chosen would not work for me they were too ho hum.  Off I went to get new fabric!
A batique in a very dark teal blue, the medium was a swirling mixture greens, blues and a tinge of black, I picked up a sea foam green for the light but under my Ott light at home the colour was off, so back to the store (thank goodness I work 3 minutes from Joanns in Santa Monica), I picked up a shade darker green. Now it might not look like much from afar, but each block had 49 pieces yes that is not a typo but rather 49 separate little pieces some as small as 1.5 inches.  I was so happy with the fabric that I cut, sewed, ironed, sewed some more and worked very diligently.  Carnell was out of town for two nights so I was unhampered by wifely duties and was able to complete the top in less than two weeks.  I have a nice piece of fabric in my stash that will complete the quilt and I will use it in my living room as a throw for the love sofa.
Each time I make a quilt I learn something new and I life to master those skills - my friend Clara and I went to Anaheim last weekend and I picked up the fabric to make a quilt for our California King bed a nice Robert Kauffman that was only 2.99 a yarn it has blues and browns, a great brown tonal and a solid light Wedgwood blue. I am very excited about my new project!  Which is one of many :)  I am already in sewing withdrawal here in Virginia and have made two knitted dishcloths between family card playing, food and going to my husband's family church this morning.
I need to get out and try and get some pictures of the beautiful spring flowers here - they are outstanding.

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