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Janet's Creations
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Big find at IKEA this morning!

25 spaces for storage Yippee!

Half way through!
 Previously this month, I had tried to reclaim some wooden shelves that had been part of a child's bedroom suite from life before Janet came to live. I had put them outside and how was I to know that here in southern California that things can get all mildewy.  Anyways, I had slathered them in bleach and then washed with vinegar and water and let sit in the sun for three days.  Then I brought them in.  They stuck like musty old rotten wood.  I lived with this smell for a over a week, but it wasn't getting any better.
So this morning Carnell and I set off for IKEA in Carson.  I really do not like this store, but know for shelving units it really can't be beat! I found a style I liked and it would have taken two units and hours of putting them together :( and over $ 200.00, but they would have been fine.  So on the way out I said "let's look at the "as is" - there it was a totally different shelving unit but for half the cost and fully assembled.  We also have a truck, so there is no problem there.  Carnell was all for it.  As you can see the shelves are white and the frame is beige - who cares?  Not me!  So for $99.00 plus tax I have storage space for quilting, crafts,  and misc. stuff!

My new sewing area!

We are taking about mounting the flat screen tv and me using the media cupboard as part of the storage wall.  It is tucked on the far right side, I would paint it white though, as it is bare pine. Also think of getting a pegboard and mounting it above to hang things on.  I am so pleased with our find - tickled pink truly. I have a large space in front of my sewing center so that I can sandwich the quilts with spray basting! 

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  1. Great job mom. That is like the big version of the one we found. Also in the As Is section.